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Foods rich in sulfur

What associations does the word "sulfur" cause? Most have rotten eggs, fire and matches. Meanwhile, this mineral occupies an important place in the human body, although its functions, at first glance, are not as noticeable as other beneficial substances. Sulfur does not shape the body, as does, for example, calcium, which forms bones and teeth.
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Disease symptoms

Vaginal itching

Itching in the vagina is a discomfort that can occur in women of different ages and one of the most common reasons for visiting a gynecologist. Most often, this symptom is accompanied by secretions of various consistencies, irritation, redness and dryness. These manifestations can be triggered by a variety of factors, moreover, some of them are not even pathological.
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Egg white

Egg white is a powerful immunostimulant with pronounced bactericidal properties. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that has adhesive properties. When whipping, it acquires a dense foamy consistency. It whitens during heat treatment. The product improves brain function, participates in blood formation processes, and prevents cataract formation.
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"Everything is poison, and nothing is devoid of toxicity; only one dose makes the poison invisible." Paracelsus. According to ancient legends, the grass collected on Ivan Kupala (preferably on the full moon) possessed special healing and magical properties. In ancient Greece and Egypt, our ancestors sacredly believed that it could cast out demons and demons, therefore often avran was used to cleanse various places from evil spirits and evil spirits.
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Alcoholic drinks


Mead - an alcoholic beverage made on the basis of honey. Russia is considered the birthplace of a cocktail. Over time, the cooking recipe has undergone changes, now to create a pleasure drink you do not need to spend a lot of time, it is enough to limit yourself to yeast and boiling. It is known that the technology for the preparation of mead was depicted in Ancient Egypt (more than 3 millennia BC).
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Medical services


Anoscopy is a highly informative instrumental examination method designed to help assess the visual state of the anal canal. No other approaches of such high performance can provide. Also, the technique has proven itself as a productive diagnosis of hemorrhoids, but only at the initial stage of its development.
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