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Scientists have found a gene that protects against liver obesity

It is known that the abuse of alcohol and fatty foods increases the likelihood of developing various diseases. One of the serious diseases is liver obesity. In this case, the tissues of the body are transformed into fatty tissue.

It is important to note that in this case genetics is of great importance. People who take care of their health and even those who eat right can get sick more often due to their predisposition to fatty hepatosis.

The experts found out that there is a mutation in the genes, which does not allow a person to get sick with fatty hepatosis. In this experiment, 46544 volunteers participated. Scientists have carefully studied their medical records and reviewed blood and DNA tests.

The results surprised many. People who have a mutation in the gene that is responsible for the HSD17B13 protein are less likely to suffer from this disease. Moreover, scientists say that harmful food and alcohol do not have virtually any harmful effects on their organs.

The likelihood of developing cirrhosis in alcohol lovers is reduced by 73 percent. Because of this mutation, the appearance of the disease is reduced by 53 percent due to the use of alcohol, and among those who lead a normal life, but also has this gene - by 30 percent.

If in the future, scientists will be able to develop a drug that eliminates fatty hepatosis, they can save the lives of many patients.

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