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Removal of vessels on the nose with a laser

Removal of vessels on the nose with a laser is a popular cosmetic procedure, which is equally often in demand among both men and women.

From a medical point of view, such a lesion is classified as rosacea. That is what they call the appearance on the skin of a pronounced capillary network, which in professional terminology is called teleagioectasia. Accompanied by an anomaly localized on the nose with redness of the surrounding tissues.

It is believed that the reason for such a disease is a violation of the normal circulation, as well as the loss of the vascular walls of the usual elasticity. As soon as the vessels dilate significantly and become more fragile, this provokes external defects with varying degrees of damage.

The reasons for the disease are different reasons, but often there is a snag here in innate predisposition. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews of patients who have applied for a given question for qualified assistance.

What are dangerous vascular secretions on the nose?

In most clinical situations, victims of localized rosacea become with light, thin, very sensitive skin. And even after the occurrence of such a deviation, they continue to believe that this is only an aesthetic problem.

Doctors recommend before going to remove the lesion with a laser device, be sure to find the source of the disease. Only after working on its neutralization will it be possible to permanently fix a successful external result. Otherwise, the percentage probability of subsequent relapses will be too high, making all the efforts of the victim absolutely vain.

Some people try to clean the ugly areas using tinting agents. But such good action will not lead to anything good. The deficiency must be cured from the inside, and then gradually get rid of external negative symptoms.

It is worth remembering that if the area of ​​inflammation has a vast territory, it increases the risks of affecting the stable functioning of the deep vessels. In the future, this will adversely affect the work of the blood circulation in general, and not just the affected area.

Due to the fact that the skin will cease to sufficiently receive oxygen, and will not be able to take nutrients, it will begin to age much faster. A person faces wrinkles even at an early age; he is also haunted by an unhealthy complexion, which does not add aesthetics.

To avoid the most sad turn of events, experts recommend using the laser treatment method of rosacea on the nose. Today, this method is called practically the only option that allows you to solve the problem radically and in a short time.

The popularity is added to him by the fact that the installation successfully copes with both small individual expressions of the ailment and extensive lesions. The device will cope even in situations where several lesions have merged together due to long ignoring the problem on the face.

Phased development of the disease

In order for the effect to be most productive, during the first intake, the dermatologist must first determine at what stage of development the disease is.

Schematically, the whole course of pathology will be divided into several steps:

  1. Elementary. The phase is characterized by a pronounced irritation of the affected area, which is accompanied by a characteristic itch. Also, the patient will pursue redness, burning. They manifest as a result of influence on the problem area of ​​cold, mechanical damage or hot water.
  2. The middle one. Here, the expansion of small vessels simultaneously leads to a loss of vascular elasticity.
  3. Accession to the symptoms of the second level is also red. The faster and stronger the anomaly progresses, the brighter the redness will be.
  4. Penultimate. Already here the very vascular stars appear in a person.
  5. Final. The state of expansion of the vessels is fixed, as they stayed in it long enough to secure a lasting effect. Called stage telangiectasia.

The intervals between the stages of all victims are different times, depending on the heredity and individual characteristics of each organism.

Sources of defeat

At the preparatory stage, the dermatologist will necessarily try to find the original source of the disease. It is necessary for the subsequent high-quality prevention. The only problem here is the not fully studied mechanism of the occurrence of rosacea itself, so in order to find the real reason for its “awakening”, you will have to try.

The most common aggravating factors are called:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • negative exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • bad habits;
  • improperly chosen care products;
  • temperature sharp fluctuations.

With the first paragraph everything is clear, but doctors advise to look into the family tree deeper than just taking into account the appearance of the parents.

Scientists have shown that excessive exposure to direct sunlight does not lead to good. One of the most common responses of the body to such neglect of the rules is the manifestation of rosacea on the nose.

Moreover, the algorithm applies not only to tanning on the beach or walking in the summer without a protective cream in an open area. It is also about the uncontrolled visit to the tanning bed, which causes the skin to accelerate in its aging. Occurs due to the ability of ultraviolet to hit the vascular walls, which soon ends with couperosis.

Not all patients who have diagnosed such a defect on the face believe that giving up bad habits will help to reduce the risk of its recurrence there. This is especially true of smoking situations.

The active ingredients of cigarettes adversely affect the overall activity of the cardiovascular system, even reaching the capillaries on the face. No less dangerous factor provocateur becomes the wrong choice of cosmetics, which contain dangerous components in abundance.

Instead of a positive effect on the skin, they only lead the skin to the fact that it becomes thinner much faster than it should be. Also, aggressive agents provoke dehydration of the epidermis, which causes destabilization of the vascular network. At the same time, its susceptibility to many external negative factors increases.

Frostbite caused by sudden changes in temperature, also often becomes the foundation for subsequent spider veins on the nose. Because of this, physicians strongly advise all people whose professional activity is associated with a long stay in a cold environment, be sure to use special protective creams.

Among the indirect causes of additional distinguished:

  • hormonal disruptions;
  • drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • chronic diseases.

The first aspect often covers pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, taking hormonal contraceptives, menopause and the use of special pills that are prescribed for endocrine diseases.

Alcohol does not add good statistics due to the fact that it has a vasodilating effect. Regular reception "on the chest" will necessarily affect the appearance of the victim bottles. No wonder that for the prevention of rosacea, doctors advise to abandon such pernicious addiction.

Separately, a number of diseases are considered that simply hide behind a similar external negative manifestation. This may be not only a failure of the cardiovascular system, but also a destabilization of the functioning of the liver. Occasionally, the gastrointestinal tract may signal such a strange way of signaling its poor condition.

That is why experts advise not to begin treatment until the victim has undergone a comprehensive examination. Otherwise, you can skip the latent contraindications.

The advantages of the laser approach

The most important advantage of this method is painlessness. Even if the victim has a low pain threshold, this will not be a significant contraindication to the intervention. Just it is necessary to warn the doctor in advance that he in addition used the special cooling gel.

Then, instead of pain, a person will experience only a slight burning sensation, or he will feel nothing at all.

Medical treatment is in demand because of:

  • security;
  • efficiency;
  • you were fast.

In order to ensure the safety of the adherents of laser technology, the developers have specially worked to ensure that healthy tissues do not hurt during the maintenance of the problem area.

This is how it turns out to achieve really high-precision impact, like “jewelry work” and at the same time level the risks:

  • burns;
  • scars;
  • pigmentation.

The effectiveness of the approach is supported by the fact that the vascular redness disappears completely. This is explained by the fact that after the point effects of telangiectasia gradually dissolve, presenting material evidence of effectiveness.

Patients also like the fact that they achieve what they want in the shortest possible time. For some people, even one session is enough if we are talking about a single asterisk on a face that has a modest size.

With fused lesions, one will have to complete about five manipulations, maintaining the recommended time interval between them.

But here it is important to remember that no matter how effective the treatment is, it is aimed only at neutralizing the external symptoms.

Without healing from the inside, it will not be possible to consolidate the positive changes for a long time.

Medical contraindications

Although laser systems are considered one of the most effective options for solving the problem of eliminating couperosis, it is far from being shown to everyone. If during the pre-preparation phase, specific chronic diseases were identified in the victim, then an alternative way will have to be found. It is not only about fragility of blood vessels, but also about anomalies of connective tissue.

Of particular danger are inflammatory diseases and related processes with any localization and origin. This can be both acute infectious lesions and dermatological diseases with a lesion in any part of the body. Until the patient cures the main illnesses, he will not be allowed to use laser care.

To the relative prohibitions add pregnancy and lactation period. Here you just have to wait for more favorable circumstances. But oncological neoplasms of benign or malignant type are more serious contraindications, since they require long-term therapy.

It will not be possible to carry out correctly the conceived, if a person at least two weeks before taking exposed his own skin to a chemical or thermal effect. It is about peeling, tanning or tanning.

We'll have to take care to eliminate medications that increase sensitivity to light from therapy. But before removing them from the treatment regimen, you should first consult with the doctor who prescribed them. It is likely that it will be more effective to wait until the end of the main course of treatment, and then go to the center of aesthetic medicine.

Removal and postoperative period

While a powerful stream of light energy heats up the hemoglobin, the blood begins to clot. Since the heating temperature set in the laser modes is rather high, this leads to coagulation of the vessels, which means their gluing. Over time, the vessels become transparent, which makes them invisible under the skin.

After the lesion has been neutralized, the patient can immediately go home. But at the same time, he should remember that in the next few days he should refuse to visit saunas, baths, pools, hot baths. You can also not wipe the treated area with alcohol-containing means, so as not to damage the skin surface. For safety, you will have to use sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 35 units.

The next two weeks you can not sunbathe, appear in the solarium and do cosmetic procedures like chemical peels. Do not expose your body to increased physical exertion.

Only following these instructions will allow you to maintain a successful result, as well as to protect the patient from the high probability of recurrence of rosacea on the nose.

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