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Removal of perianal condylomas

Removing perianal warts is of interest not only to women, but also to men. This disease is presented in the form of single or multiple growths usually of a pale pink color. Their shape resembles cauliflower.

Cones are localized in the perianal region, or external genitalia. The latter scenario is more characteristic of the stronger sex. The formation of genital warts is closely associated with the infection of a person with one of the types of papilloma virus.

If the patient is not provided with qualified treatment on time, then the advanced stage threatens the growth of neoplasms to huge sizes. Worst of all, when a newly-appeared cone closes the anal canal, which prevents normal bowel movements. So one pathology can become a provocateur of several more diseases.

The worst thing in diagnosing a perianal type condyloma is that a cone that appears once on the surface indicates infection of the victim's body. This means that now he becomes a chronic patient. The only protection against relapse is following preventive measures.

Causes of genital warts

Despite the many offers, the price of which for many seems attractive, you should not trust alternative treatment options. This approach is only part of complex therapy, where the basis is nevertheless their complete removal in one of several ways.

In the course of scientific experiments, scientists found that in most cases the sixth or eleventh type of human papilloma virus becomes a catalyst for the spread of perianal warts. Papilloma itself is one of the most common viruses in the world. He likes to isolate himself on the skin or mucous membrane. Today, experts count about a hundred varieties of this dangerous virus, which are often localized just on the skin of the perineum.

The virus is often transmitted sexually, with about 50% of all sexually active people having at least one type of such virus. About 2% of the total number of victims falls on the percentage of the viral category of genital warts.

Initially, condyloma begins its growth in the deeper layers of the skin or mucous membrane of the genitals. But over time, with active cell division, the localization of the lesion focus extends beyond the surface of the underlying tissues. At the same time, a person has characteristic clinical symptoms. At this stage, a person becomes dangerous to others, as he transfers the infection.

The infection itself occurs during intimacy, when one of the partners is in an appropriate state. It is believed that people of non-traditional sexual orientation give in to infection about five times more often. The most common provocateurs of the disease are called:

  • frequent change of sexual partners, regardless of whether there has been vaginal, anal or oral contact;
  • weakened immunity due to severe illness, psycho-emotional shock;
  • pregnancy;
  • exposure to HIV.

If there are many sexual partners, it will be quite difficult to determine how long the infection occurred, since genital warts can manifest themselves in a year or a couple of weeks. It all depends on their specific type, as well as the individual characteristics of the victim. When the virus is localized in the deep layers, it practically does not pose a significant threat to the sexual partner.

In women, education is usually found on the labia minora and labia majora, and in men, on the glans penis. In both sexes, perianal condylomas are usually fixed almost equally often directly around the anus, making it difficult to fulfill natural needs.

Varieties of strains

Before sending to remove anal warts, the treating specialist should study their features in detail, as well as determine the specific strain. In the future, such scrupulousness will make it possible to build competent rehabilitation therapy, as well as prevention to delay a possible relapse for decades.

Schematically, perianal formations are divided into two subtypes depending on their appearance: spiky and flat.

According to a given category, the optimal format for excising them will vary. And much more often people of any age are diagnosed with the first type. Externally presented formations are similar to growths resembling nipples with a small leg.

Usually their color is as close as possible to the natural tone of the skin of the victim, but slight deviations are possible. Initially, a single anal wart makes itself known, and if you ignore the symptoms after a short period of time, they become much more.

In the absence of a competent radical format of therapy, the patient in the near future will encounter the so-called "cocks". So experts call the vast territory in the perineum, which literally overgrows with condylomas of different sizes. Removing an entire comb right away is problematic even if innovative, relatively safe devices are used.

Although flat variations are much less common, they are much more dangerous.

Difficulties are added by the fact that the victim is unlikely to be able to detect them on their own with daily washing. And when the formation has already reached impressive size, it will take a long time to heal it.

Flat analogues do not rise above the skin, which became the reason for their eponymous name.

Often, patients learn about their existence during a prophylactic visit to a proctologist, or consultation with him on another matter altogether.

Another problem is their shade, which with a small size of genital warts can generally hide the neoplasm even from the naked eye of a doctor. If a proctologist suspects it is better to conduct a clinical study to exclude the risks of developing a serious ailment.

When the removal can not be avoided?

Doctors strongly recommend removing warts near the anus as soon as they are found, as soon as the appropriate preparation is made. Do not try to get rid of them yourself, using recipes from traditional medicine, or pharmacy products designed to drain ordinary warts. Otherwise, you can lubricate the clinical picture, or even exacerbate the situation.

It is especially important to pay attention to the characteristic alarming symptoms, covering:

  • foreign body sensation in the perineum or directly in the anus;
  • itching with burning;
  • pathological discharge like mucus, bloody fluid;
  • pain syndrome;
  • purulent fetid discharge.

The latter relate to neglected cases when a person has endured to decay, followed by suppuration of the lesion. Immediately after the discovery of several or even one dangerous sign, you should make an appointment with a proctologist.

First, the doctor will conduct an initial examination to verify suspicions, and only then will do a digital examination of the rectum.

This will accurately determine the territory of the lesion, the degree of inflammation. If the patient feels awkward during the examination, then doctors recommend buying special disposable underwear with an opening for the anus in advance at the pharmacy.

As additional tests, the doctor may prescribe an endoscopy, which involves a sigmoidoscopy. During the consultation, it does not dispense with a referral for an immunological study of blood. It is designed to help deal with the type of infection, and will also become the basis for drawing up a rehabilitation program.

If, even at this stage, one continues to ignore the disease, then it will not do without complications.

It is about increasing the number of growths, growth in size. In the most sad scenario, the victim may even be diagnosed with a form of squamous cell carcinoma.

In clinical practice, doctors have even come across giant warts, which in professional terminology are called Bushke-Levenshtein tumors.

This disregard for one’s own body ends with the appearance of fistulas and general intoxication of the body.

Therapeutic approach

If the affected area is relatively small and the formation is single, then the doctor will first suggest using a conservative treatment format. But if this is not the first case of an ailment, or the area with growths is too vast, it will be more efficient not to waste time and proceed to surgical removal.

The choice of excision involves taking into account many factors, starting from the number of anal warts, their diameter, as well as specific location. At the same time, quality therapy must include three important aspects:

  • removal of growths with infected tissues by physical, immunological or chemical means;
  • following the rules of immunotherapy;
  • resistance to the virus.

If a person is concerned only with a single perianal condyloma, then he will be offered to first use ointments, or they will be sent to do laser coagulation. But with multiple or merged warts, only surgery will help, which involves cutting off problem neoplasms.

Also, do not lose sight of the productivity of combined treatment with the use of immunostimulating drugs after neutralizing the lesion.

Moreover, it is worthwhile to make sure that both sexual partners go to the reception, otherwise the help will be useless.

Neoplasm destruction

Removal of genital warts has many varieties, depending on medical indications. Today, experts suggest using:

  • diathermocoagulation;
  • laser coagulation;
  • radio wave method;
  • cryodestruction;
  • surgical excision.

The first option involves exposure to electric shock. Here you should prepare for the fact that the intervention is extremely painful. To stop the pain syndrome, specialists specially introduce drugs for local anesthesia. An allergic test is carried out on the injected compound before the victim. The disadvantage of this method is the ability to remove only small-sized lesions, or medium neoplasms that are not accompanied by any complications such as bleeding.

Laser coagulation is a bloodless intervention that effectively copes with growths of small or medium diameter. The principle of exposure is based on the evaporation of moisture from warts, after which they die. For the comfort of the patient, he is also given an anesthetic composition in advance.

The radio wave analogue has a wider range of indications, since it covers the ability to eliminate formations of any size and localization. For small or medium single lesions, cryodestruction, which relies on exposure to liquid nitrogen, is ideal. With the help of such a gentle type of influence, it gets to preserve the skin area from extensive scars.

If the victim has a large growth, then liquid nitrogen can be dealt with, but you will only have to visit the diagnostic room several times.

The technique is safe for the victim, but only on condition that he does not have individual intolerance to the main active ingredient of the algorithm - liquid nitrogen. Surgery is still the oldest and at the same time still in demand solution. Today, proctologists prefer to resort to it only when the growth really has outstanding dimensions.

The reason for this restriction is the need to carry out general anesthesia, which has a number of contraindications, and also negatively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The procedure should be carried out in sterile conditions in a hospital, so that, if necessary, medical staff can help block the effects of an extensive open wound surface.

Some patients do not like this method due to the fact that they cannot do without suturing, which guarantees traces of scars in the future.

You also have to spend more time on postoperative care. But if there is a place to be a large perianal condyloma, then it will not be equally effective to overcome it with something else.

As a recommendation for the rehabilitation period, doctors recall the need to take laxatives. They help relieve the bowel movement.

Also, after each trip to the toilet, you will have to treat the wound with an antiseptic solution to level the likelihood of surface damage by infections. In the first days, lubrication of the cut site with ointments with anesthetic effect is allowed. Clarify the appropriate option is with your doctor in private.

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