Mexican cheese

Mexican cheese has several strikingly different varieties. But to find them all on the shelves of ordinary supermarkets is problematic. Because of this, many connoisseurs of such a hearty dish go to try their luck in specialty stores, or in online stores specializing in the supply of cheese from abroad.

Pure product

Initially, no special ingredients other than milk were used to cook the cheese. But over time, people realized that it was much more efficient to add enzymes or lactic acid bacteria to milk. These two supplements are still listed as one of the most popular natural ingredients of a high-quality product that is eaten just like that or wrapped in cakes.

Separately, connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle are pleased with the energy and chemical composition of goodies. It provides for the presence of proteins, as well as natural fats, necessary for the normal functioning of the internal organs. In the course of laboratory research, researchers confirmed the benefits of cheese.

Their categorical nature was explained by the fact that the milk protein is absorbed by the body much worse than the cheese data that is similar in energy value. An additional advantage here is a rich vitamin and mineral set. It provides not only vitamins B and A. There are also vitamins C, E, D and PP.

Of the other biologically active substances should be the presence of pantothenic acid, calcium and phosphorus. The last two trace elements are aimed at restoring the skeletal system, which is especially useful for older people and adolescents, whose body continues to grow.

Varieties of cheese

Despite the fact that it is generally accepted in society that the leaders of cheese making from past centuries to this day are representatives of a number of European countries, gourmets believe that this is only a subjective assessment. They also offer everyone interested in the culture of cheese making and wishing to try exotic varieties, be sure to take note of several Mexican delicacies.

Locals eagerly eat them while drinking alcohol, instead of having a snack on hot days, when you don’t feel like eating, but it would not hurt to replenish energy reserves. Also, the Mexican national cuisine is complete without a variety of cheeses. Local hostesses add them to pasta, making the dish for half an hour, after which you want to lick the fork.

Serve cheese cuts and dishes with their inclusion visiting visitors. The pie that has cheese filling is in demand, and inside it consists of various vegetables that this sunny country is rich in.

Three varieties are considered the most popular among locals and tourists:

  • kitty;
  • quiezo;
  • tacho.

Unlike the widespread European practice, when according to classic recipes cheeses are produced for mass production in factories, in Mexico the situation is different. There is still the lion’s share of homemade cheese factories.

Old traditions

Virtually every family has its own proprietary recipe. Heads are then delivered either to family themed shops, grocery mini-markets, scattered in different areas. There are some enterprising cheese-makers who carry out small deliveries to restaurants, pizzerias or other places of public catering.

Experts often compare the welded Mexican product to the Slavic blade equivalent. There are those who claim that it is similar to the same village cheese, whose references can be found in fiction from a few centuries ago. In this case, the usual recipes do not provide for significant financial and time costs, which allows you to have a head or two in stock for suddenly visiting guests.

Then it can be used to make a quesadilla, taco, a burrito or a lasagna. But if you do not want to overlap the taste, you can always ask the local cafe to bring a cheese plate, savoring the slices as a hearty dessert.

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