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Body Drying Diet for Girls

Drying the body for men and girls is to get rid of fat reserves with minimal harm to muscle tissue. Initially, the term was used in bodybuilding - before the competition, athletes sat on a special diet, so that by day “X” they would be able to hit the jury with the relief of their muscles. Today, bodybuilders are engaged in drying, and just fitness fans - everyone who wants to put their body in order and reduce the percentage of fat in total body weight. Such a diet requires special preparation, that is, the option “tomorrow I will start to lose weight” in this case does not work - so it is possible to lose muscle mass.

How to Dry Girls: Tips for Drying

Like any diet, the nutritional system for drying the body cannot produce significant results without observing the drinking balance and rest regimen. Muscle tissue is particularly sensitive to lack of sleep and lack of fluid in the body, so the rule of “at least 2 liters per day” should become an everyday habit, and you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Otherwise, stress, chronic fatigue, increased body fat, loss of muscle mass. And if for just those who want to lose weight this may not be too critical, then for fitness athletes this is a serious puncture.

The mechanism of weight loss in the drying process for women is based on a gradual rejection of carbohydrates: within 2-3 weeks, their amount in the diet decreases, after which they are almost completely excluded from the menu for a period of 14 to 21 days.

Diet should be combined with aerobic exercise and strength training. The first ones are great for running, cycling, dancing or rollerblading. As for power loads, they need to be emphasized, especially during the first two to three weeks. Exercise regimens should be designed so that during each workout the maximum amount of muscle works.

To begin to get rid of excess weight, you need an accurate calorie count - any online calculators that can be found on the Internet can do this. The main rule is that consumption should exceed consumption.

The main difference between female and male drying is the greater amount of fat consumed. For the female endocrine system, useful polyunsaturated fats are indispensable, because the production of many hormones, the regulation of the menstrual cycle and overall well-being depend on them, so you should not completely exclude them from meals. Therefore, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil added to the salad will not do much harm, however, it should not be used during this period for frying and any heat treatment of dishes. Of animal fats, only certain types of fish are allowed. By the way, nutritionists and trainers sometimes allow women to eat quite a bit of sweet, if it becomes completely unbearable without goodies. You need to give preference to natural marmalade or marshmallows, homemade pastille, dark chocolate, but not cookies, ice cream, sweets or candies.

Nutrition during weight loss should be fractional, that is, you need to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions. So the body will not feel hungry and the metabolism will not slow down. About two-thirds of the total amount of food should be consumed in the morning. Dishes can be cooked, baked, stewed, grilled, but not fried.

While following a diet, girls should pay special attention to their skin: massages, Charcot's showers, body wraps and spa treatments will save you from losing elasticity and stretch marks.

Drying of the body is allowed only after reaching a certain percentage of muscle mass - a consultation with a nutritionist or sports trainer in this case will help to find the answer to the question whether it is possible to dry at this stage of building an attractive body.

A four- or six-week weight loss marathon should not be repeated more than 2 times a year.

What you can eat to get a perfect body

The list of prohibited foods on drying practically does not differ from the prohibitions of other diets, not counting fruits - it is better not to eat or eat them in a minimal amount, so as not to create an excess load of sugars for the body. And the rest there are no surprises: flour, pastries and buns, fried foods, marinades, sauces, canned foods, convenience foods, sausages and sausages, carbonated drinks, alcohol and everything that contains animal fats (except for some varieties of fish) appear on the table at this time should not.

Allowed Diet:

  • low fat dairy products;
  • white fish;
  • chicken fillet;
  • egg protein;
  • boiled seafood;
  • oat and buckwheat cereal;
  • cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, greens, bell pepper;
  • beans;
  • rye pasta;
  • bran.

You can drink non-carbonated mineral water, herbal tea without sugar.

Scheme for a gradual rejection of carbohydrates: how not to harm the body

Typically, the drying time is from 4 to 5 weeks. Sometimes it is stretched to 2.5-3 months, if the result for a shorter period does not live up to expectations.

The first week begins with the restriction of carbohydrates in the menu to 2 g per 1 kg of body weight. All carbohydrate foods are preferably consumed for breakfast and during the first snack before lunch. The second week is the period when carbohydrates can be eaten at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. The next step is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to 0.5 g per 1 kg of weight. It can last from 2 weeks, and some adhere to a diet and for 2-3 months in total, if you feel good. The last week of dietary nutrition repeats the system first, that is, carbohydrate food is gradually returning to the diet, although still in a reduced amount.

Menu Options for Weight Loss

For the first and last weeks of losing weight, the diet is certainly more diverse than in the rest of the time. A sample menu during this period is scheduled by day. It is not necessary to follow their strict order; the main thing is to adhere to all the rules of the diet.

First day:

  • breakfast: oatmeal on the water, 2 protein, tea without sugar;
  • snack: a glass of kefir or ryazhenka;
  • lunch: chicken breast, cucumber and cabbage salad;
  • snack: a portion of buckwheat porridge without oil;
  • dinner: baked fish with stewed cabbage.

Second day:

  • a glass of low-fat milk, an omelet made of proteins;
  • snack: a portion of yogurt;
  • lunch: boiled beef, bell pepper and cucumber salad with olive oil;
  • snack: boiled fish fillet, stewed asparagus;
  • dinner: cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.

The third day:

  • breakfast: buckwheat porridge on the water, 1 protein;
  • snack: a handful of walnuts;
  • lunch: fish soup with a slice of fish and vegetables (without potatoes), a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • snack: cottage cheese, 2 pcs. dried apricots;
  • dinner: boiled fish, coleslaw with herbs.

Fourth day:

  • breakfast: oatmeal on the water, green tea:
  • snack: a glass of fermented baked milk;
  • lunch: bell pepper salad, stewed squid;
  • snack: mashed cauliflower soup;
  • dinner: cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.

Fifth day:

  • breakfast: 2 protein omelet with tomato, tea;
  • snack: a portion of yogurt;
  • lunch: mushroom soup with boiled chicken and herbs;
  • snack: salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers;
  • dinner: coleslaw, steamed fish.

Sixth day:

  • breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 1 tomato, tea without sugar;
  • snack: a glass of kefir;
  • lunch: asparagus stewed with chicken and herbs;
  • snack: cottage cheese with kefir;
  • dinner: buckwheat porridge, cooked on the water, baked chicken breast.

Seventh day:

  • breakfast: oatmeal with raisins, tea;
  • snack: a glass of fermented baked milk;
  • lunch: stewed fish, vegetable stew;
  • snack: vegetable salad;
  • dinner: stew squid, cottage cheese.

The next week involves a decrease in the number of cereals, the absence of nuts and dried fruits. For dinner, only cottage cheese, kefir, meat and fish are allowed.

The most severe period is when all the menus are chicken breasts, cottage cheese, egg white and bran. Its duration must be regulated, starting from your own well-being.

There is another diet that is based on the principle of 16-hour fasting. That is, for 16 consecutive hours you can’t eat food, and in the remaining 8 hours you need to enter 3-4 meals. The emphasis is on protein foods. Slow carbohydrates are allowed, fast carbohydrates are completely excluded. A prerequisite to lose weight in this way is to create a slight calorie deficit, that is, you will have to calculate your norm and daily calculate the daily intake of calories with food. This diet format is suitable for those who are more interested in just losing weight, because a break in food lasting 16 hours is fatal for gaining muscle mass.

Women who are seriously focused on getting relief, for example, for fitness competitions, add special synthetic fat burners to their menus: they can be found in sports nutrition stores. Popular products of this kind: LIPO 6-X, Olimp L-carnitine 500 forte plus, Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

Normal weight loss for the body

Nutritionists, answering this question, call the figure from 500 to 1500 g per week. Losing weight at a rate of 2 kilograms per month is smooth and the least stressful for the body. But the loss of more than 1.5 kg of mass per week is already negatively reflected in muscle tissue and the general condition of the body. In general, sudden jumps in mass usually occur not due to the breakdown of fat deposits, but because fluid and waste are left in large quantities from the body.

How to plan physical activity

Whatever any diet promises, weight loss is not only due to dietary restrictions. The importance of sports in this process should not be underestimated. Fitness trainers say that when drying per week should be approximately 1-2 aerobic workouts, and 3-4 strength. It is impossible to be zealous with aerobics, since it slows down the processes of anabolism and suppresses the functions that are responsible in the body for the breakdown of fats.

Exercises that should be included in your training, sitting down “for drying”:

  • run;
  • exercise bike or bike;
  • strap;
  • Squats with weight
  • push ups;
  • swinging legs;
  • swimming.

Prohibitions and contraindications for drying

The main and simple rule that you need to remember before choosing any diet for yourself is that it should not harm the body in the process of gaining a more harmonious and sculpted body. A long-term nutritional system based on a significant restriction of carbohydrate foods is prohibited for those girls who do not have enough muscle mass and the percentage of subcutaneous fat is less than 20%. For calculating lean muscle mass, there are special formulas that can be found on special sites for bodybuilders.

In addition, you cannot similarly limit yourself in food during pregnancy and breastfeeding - carbohydrates in this period of a woman's life should be fully ingested.

Caution should be exercised in treating such a diet for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Such diseases as, for example, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, can respond to an abundance of protein and dairy products with exacerbations and seizures.

In case there are problems with the kidneys, the protein load of the diet for drying the body can worsen the condition of these organs.

If diabetes is diagnosed, the diet may be in question - it is better to discuss the possibility of compliance with your doctor.

The diet, which involves drying the body, is shown to professional athletes, and just lovers of “drag iron” in the gym. Fitness trainers say that the effectiveness of such a technique to reduce body fat for those women who do not pay attention to sports is minimal. In order to lose weight, they should pay attention to the appropriate diet schemes.

The gradual rejection of carbohydrates leads to the fact that the body begins to spend its own resources to obtain vital energy. At the same time, the correct ratio of diet and sports loads helps to preserve muscle mass. And toned muscles will make the figure more feminine and attractive - just help them manifest themselves, getting rid of fat stores in problem areas.

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