Dried fruits

Dried cherry

Cherries are popular for their sweet and juicy characteristics, but more and more studies show that cherries are extremely beneficial to human health. Nutrients and bioactive components have a preventive effect on human health. Eating cherries can protect you from inflammatory, cancerous, cardiovascular diabetic diseases.

The benefits of this fruit are its high level of antioxidants, which protect cells from free radicals. Recent studies show that cherries help get rid of extra pounds and stimulate the production of melatonin, maintaining a healthy sleep.

Cherry is useful both fresh and dried, and dried, and in the form of tinctures, compotes, jam, jam. Let us consider in more detail the benefits and harms of dried cherries. Sun-dried cherries are very useful for the body, since it retains all the nutrient, medicinal and beneficial substances that are found in fresh berries.

Dried cherry at home

For cooking, you need to take two and a half kilograms of fresh berries, 1 kilogram 330 grams of sugar, 525 milligrams of water. Rinse the berries, separate the flesh from the seeds (try to keep the berries intact). Drain the juice and pour the berries with sugar. Leave until sugar is completely dissolved - about eight hours (you can stir the berries).

Drain the resulting juice with a colander - leave in it for five hours. After all the procedures, one and a half kilograms of cherries are formed. Make sugar syrup. Pour the berries with syrup and simmer for ten minutes. Cool to fifty degrees, drain the syrup. Turn on the electric dryer and dry the berries in it for at least four hours.

The chemical composition of dried cherries and useful properties

Sun-dried cherries serve as a good source of copper, an important mineral. The body needs copper to stimulate the production of collagen, which is necessary to maintain the elasticity and firmness of muscle tissue and skin. Copper also supports tissue health by protecting against free radicals, compounds that would otherwise damage tissues and help cells generate energy.

Add sun-dried cherries to your diet, and significantly increase your intake of vitamin C. Each 1/4 cup of berries contains 8 milligrams of vitamin C - 11 and 9 percent of the recommended daily intake for women and men. Like copper, vitamin C stimulates collagen production. Getting enough vitamin C in your diet helps restore tissue and helps heal wounds after an injury.

Sun-dried cherries enrich the body with the most useful vitamin A. It supports the growth of new cells, and plays a role in wound healing and the functioning of the immune system. Vitamin A also supports vision and perfectly nourishes the skin.

Cherry berries can be dried according to the old and traditional method - washed and pitted berries are laid out on a clean baking sheet and left in the open in the shade. You can also jerk in the oven (the temperature of drying should not exceed forty-two degrees), in an electric dryer, in a gas oven, in a dryer. It is only important to control the temperature so that it is drying, and not baking. Of modern technologies, dehydrator is used to make cherry jam at home. After the procedure, the resulting product in its biochemical characteristics will not be any different from fresh berries.

The product contains a large number of:

  • vitamins - PP, C, E, B9, B2, B1, B;
  • minerals - magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt, molybdenum, calcium, fluorine, manganese, copper, zinc, potassium, iron;
  • antioxidants.

Calorie content and BJU

The product has an average calorie content and high carbohydrate content, ideal for a carbohydrate diet.

Calorie content290 kilocalories
Squirrels1.5 grams
Fats0,0 grams
Carbohydrates73.0 grams

Harm of dried cherry

Berries can be harmful to the body. It is not recommended to use dried cherry berries for people with peptic ulcer, obesity, diabetes and high acidity of the stomach. It is also worth paying attention to the product with cherry bones, since they contain amygdalin glycoside, which, getting into the intestine, turns into hydrocyanic acid (poison).

Cooking Application

Dried cherries are often used in cooking. From berries you can cook: snacks, desserts, pastries, sauces, main dishes, marinades. The product has an incredible aroma, which in turn is appreciated, especially during the preparation of drinks. The highest demand is for pies with berry filling, as well as muffins and cakes.

Storage method

Stored berries must be stored in a well-ventilated area, in a plastic dark container or cloth bag, and can be placed in a glass jar. What is the best temperature for storing dried cherries? Sun-dried cherries are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator or in the basement. The temperature should be as high as +10 degrees.

Whole Grain Pie with Chocolate and Dried Cherries

To prepare, you need to prepare the following ingredients: two hundred and ninety grams of whole grain flour, one hundred and twenty grams of sugar, two hundred and fifty milliliters of kefir, a pinch of salt, one hundred milliliters of refined sunflower oil, two chicken eggs, sixty grams of dried berries, thirty grams of chocolate drops, one teaspoon of soda , one teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

The recipe for step-by-step preparation of the pie is to grind eggs with salt and sugar in a bowl, add kefir, add soda, mix thoroughly, add sunflower oil. Sift flour, combine with cinnamon and with a kefir-egg mixture. The consistency should turn out the dough, like thick sour cream. Add the dried cherry and drops of chocolate to the dough, mix thoroughly so that both the berries and the chocolate are evenly distributed.

In a form with a high side (18 x 28 centimeters) you need to put parchment, grease it with oil. Pour the dough into the mold. Put in a preheated oven and bake at one hundred and eighty degrees for forty minutes. The finished pie must be immediately separated from the mold and left to cool on the wire rack. Sour cream, custard or ganache can be prepared for the pie. Enjoy your meal.

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