Livaro - French blue cheese. In the modern gastronomic market, it is very difficult to find a quality livaro prepared according to the classic recipe. Authentic cheese is best sought from small private entrepreneurs who work for quality, not quantity. It is important to understand that the price of one such bar will be estimated much more expensive than cheeses, which can be easily obtained at the nearest supermarket.

What you need to know about a dairy product, what it is with and is it safe to introduce into your daily diet?

General characteristics

Livaro is a soft cheese with red mold based on milk of animal origin. The classic version uses cow's milk, but there are variations with goat / sheep. The homeland of the product is Lower Normandy (France). Cheese is made from milk from Norman cows. This is a special breed intended for dairy production. Cattle are fed with fortified feed and kept in the most natural conditions. Norman cow milk is valued for its special structure and high protein content.

Feature of the product is saturated color. During the ripening period, the crust is stained with a special dye, which is extracted from the annatto. Annatto (Annix beaks) is a small tree, a shrub that grows in the tropical regions of America. It has been cultivated in Southeast Asian countries since the 17th century. The plant gained popularity due to the bright red pigment in the annatto seeds. The substance is used in the food industry as an analogue to synthetic dyes. The pigment is extracted by extraction - the substance is extracted using a specific solvent. The output is a coloring powder or a thick, rich paste.

Annatto pigment is also used to make cheddar cheese passing. The substance gives a characteristic brown-orange tint to the crust, which favorably distinguishes livaro from other varieties.

The pulp of the product is painted in a delicate yellow-orange tint. The taste is saturated, the intensity of the aroma and pungency depend on the maturity. As they mature, all characteristics become more pronounced. Aged livaro is considered the most valuable, the aroma of which fills the room, clogs taste buds and interferes with the normal perception of other tastes. Its crust is soft, but elastic to the touch, the flesh does not spread, but literally melts in the mouth, leaving a sharp aftertaste.

Due to the rich taste, livaro is served at the end of the meal as an independent dish. It is best to combine cheese with red wine, cider or calvados.

Production Features

Livaro is prepared exclusively from spring to autumn. Round heads can withstand from 3 weeks to 2 months. During the ripening period, the cheese must be constantly turned over and washed with brine so that the product gets the necessary taste / structure.

Cheese head livaro wrapped in 5 stripes of dried cattail. Rogoz is a tall marsh grass that grows in the tropical and temperate zones. Rogoz is recognizable by its characteristic inflorescence. Its upper part is formed by an oblong brown male flower, and the lower part is a thicker female flower. Tying dried cattail protected the mass from subsidence during the ripening period. Why use exactly five strips of cattail? Such a number of bands in France corresponds to the rank of colonel. Because of this feature, the name "Colonel" has long been entrenched in livars. To date, there are few enterprises that still use dried cattail. Most often, manufacturers prefer strips of green paper.

Product Benefits

Nutritionists say that blue cheese is much healthier than regular hard / soft varieties. Why? The noble mold penicillium, which is used in cheese production, can reduce the risk of certain diseases and neutralize pathogenic microflora. Most often, mold is injected into the cheese. The substance fights harmful bacteria not only inside the product, but also after ingestion. Additionally, mold normalizes bowel function and has a beneficial effect on heart function.

Blue cheese has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves the condition of arteries / joints, which helps to avoid heart attack and arthritis. Also, noble mold inhibits oxidative processes, and hence the aging of the body. It is believed that frequent use of livaros will help get rid of cellulite.

The chemical composition of the product is slightly different from other cheeses. Livaro has more calcium (Ca), potassium (K), retinol (A), calciferol (D) and B vitamins. The nutritional value, like any other dairy product, is high. Fats prevail in the composition, and the calorific value of livaro does not fall below 340 kcal / 100 grams, which is a high indicator. Few people can stop at 100 grams of cheese, so there is a risk of overeating and a violation of the daily balance of BZHU.

The nutritional value of the product per 100 grams
Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Fats (g)Carbohydrates (g)Dietary fiber (g)

Possible harm from use

Cheese is considered the most salted food product. Salt is needed to disinfect and prevent the development of bacteria. But manufacturers are clearly exceeding the permissible norm, and incredible salt concentrations are gradually becoming addictive. On average, for every 100 grams of cheese, there is a minimum of 1.7 grams of salt. The daily norm for an adult healthy person is 2,300 milligrams. An excess of edible sodium leads to edema, heart / vascular disease, and a slowdown in metabolic processes.

Another serious danger of dairy products is antibiotics / hormones. Very often, pus from the bladder of cows is found in cheese heads. The reason for this is producers who want to get the maximum amount of milk from cattle, without worrying about the humanity of the methods. All antibiotics and hormones that are fed by cows, as a result, enter the human body and provoke a hormonal disruption, the development of osteoporosis, intestinal / breast cancer and other diseases.

Mold cheese is dangerous for pregnant women due to the bacteria listeria monocyotogenes. They can cause a miscarriage or problems in the development of the baby, so it is better to refuse livaro for the next 9 months.

Do not forget that cheese is addictive and can cause serious illnesses, the treatment of which will cost a lot of money and effort. Try to limit the use of dairy products or minimize it. Do not let eating habits guide your life and be healthy.

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