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Diet of Dr. Gavrilov

How many articles have already been written about losing weight, how many different methods and diets. The authors of these diets claim that thanks to their methods, you can permanently lose weight. But it is precisely a beautiful and slender figure that is for many of us a desirable result, to achieve which we sit on strict diets. We often starve, drink fat-burning teas, various dietary supplements, use new-fangled and sensational fat burning products, such as goji berries, green coffee, but often the result does not meet our expectations.

Today is our article on a new diet developed by Dr. Gavrilov, a well-known nutritionist, psychotherapist, and doctor of medical sciences. He developed a specific nutrition system, this diet has become known in many countries. With the help of techniques, you can control your weight.

Weight Loss Stages

The first thing to do is get a medical examination. You need to find out what diseases can contribute to overeating and weight gain. Dr. Gavrilov does not recommend taking medications, since any body, especially in overweight people, is heavily slagged and taking medications will only aggravate the problem. Having excluded some foods from the diet, we will thereby begin to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, body fat.

The second stage is psychological and psychotherapeutic help. The doctor offers various techniques, trainings related to this problem. The main objective of these trainings is to motivate why you need to lose weight. In losing weight people, self-esteem increases, a goal appears, an incentive arises to work on oneself, on one’s fears, laziness.

The third step is to consolidate the results. After your excess weight will quickly leave you, you need to fix the result so that extra pounds do not return again, as it happened before. For this, various trainings are held to tell how much life will improve, after the Gavrilov diet, your self-esteem and health will increase. Your career directly depends on your new figure, because it is no secret that a person with a slender, fit figure is more likely to get a good job and a spreading crumpet.

A nutritionist has developed special techniques to help people who want to lose weight lose weight without compromising their physical and mental health.

  • before starting your weight loss, forget about the very desire to eat calories;
  • give yourself the setting that excess weight is unacceptable, it prevents your plans to look beautiful, your career, family life;
  • be sure to set yourself only for a positive effect, your attitude should only be positive;
  • clearly distinguish between concepts such as hunger and weight.

According to Mikhail Gavrilov, our harmony, youth, and beauty lie in our plates. After all, everything that we consume daily is a building material for our body. It depends only on us what we will build: a healthy, young, elastic body, or we will look 10 years older, have loose skin, a bunch of health problems. The doctor pays special attention to the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is advisable to use some of the fruits and vegetables in raw form, as they contain a huge amount of antioxidants, so necessary for you. You can steam them or bake them, but you should not fry them until crisp.

The purpose of this technique

Using the methodology of the nutritionist Gavrilov, many people managed to lose weight without using various harmful and useless diets, fasting, various teas for weight loss, pills. Using this method, the cause of excess weight is identified and then eliminated, the use is normalized and the consumption becomes normalized. food, effective recommendations are given for moving towards a slim, beautiful figure. Diet includes not only adjusting your diet, but also adjusting your desires. With the help of psychological techniques, you can, without starving, get rid of extra pounds, learn how to eat properly.

To do this, you only need to use allowed foods, try not to overeat, eat in small portions. The main thing is precisely the psychological mood of the patient, only if you have a clear goal - you can lose weight by this method. Perhaps, for some, the stimulus will be a photograph of a slender beautiful, fit girl who can be hung on the refrigerator. And for someone it will be your photo in a bikini with a lot of fat hanging folds.

The incentive can be different - but the goal is one! It is necessary to strive to achieve such a body, so that internally you feel comfortable and outwardly simply delightful. A well-known nutritionist believes that the path to losing weight is painstaking work, the patient must be firmly confident in achieving the goal. You should clearly be able to distinguish between when you have a feeling of hunger, and when you just want to seize on any psychological problem. Your positive attitude, visualization of a slender beautiful body will become the foundation in your fight against excess weight.

The doctor believes that since you decide to do your weight, don’t put it off for tomorrow, start it now. You must be firmly confident in a positive result, immediately drop all doubts.

What you need to eat to lose weight?

In order for this technique to bring the promised results, you must strictly follow the basic rules. Try to eat at the same time, put small portions on your plate.

Featured ProductsDiscontinued Products
Fruits, vegetables, berriesBananas
Low Fat Dairy ProductsFat sour cream, butter, mayonnaise, sauces
Cereals, various cerealsFresh bread, pastries, fried pies, sandwiches with bread and sausage
Whole grain breads, breadStreet Food: Fast Foods, Donuts, Shawarma
Chicken eggs (especially protein)Sausages, sausages, sausage
Lean meat, fishSugar, chocolate, condensed milk
Juices from fruits and vegetables (freshly squeezed)Limit Potato Dishes
Hard cheese (a few slices)Canned food (from fish, mushrooms)

As you can see from the table, the list of products that are prohibited for consumption is small, therefore, you do not have to feel hungry, your stomach and intestines will work like clockwork. You simply exclude unnecessary foods from your diet and replace them with useful, permitted ones. Eating on the Gavrilov system, you get a complete, balanced diet that will help you quickly lose weight.

Menu for the week

Using the technique, the doctor developed a menu for the week, in which a certain amount of calories was calculated and harmful products were excluded. At the same time, do not forget to drink as much clean drinking water as possible, to do physical exercises. You do not need to exhaust yourself in the gym, if you are not tuned for this, but physical exercises, morning exercises should be in your daily routine.

So, let's figure out what you can eat during the week to lose weight?

On Monday:

  • for breakfast you can cook oatmeal porridge with berries, tea with a slice of hard cheese;
  • for a second breakfast, a glass of juice;
  • for lunch, prepare vegetable soup, buckwheat porridge with boiled chicken, compote;
  • for dinner, mashed zucchini, a glass of kefir are suitable.

On Tuesday:

  • for breakfast milk porridge with an egg, a glass of tea;
  • drink juice;
  • for lunch, you can cook steamed fish, stew cabbage with tomatoes, with a slice of bread and compote;
  • for dinner meat rolls from minced meat with egg, kefir.

On Wednesday:

  • for breakfast, cook a couple of eggs, a slice of bread, a cup of coffee + milk;
  • before dinner: freshly squeezed juice;
  • for lunch, cook okroshka with chicken, baked potatoes (2 pcs.), tea;
  • for dinner, cook seafood, vegetable salad, kefir with herbs.

On Thursday:

  • for breakfast, cook a couple of eggs, a piece of boiled pork with bread, tomato, coffee;
  • for lunch, you can make a banana-strawberry smoothie;
  • for lunch, simmer chicken, carrot and beetroot salad, bread with cheese, fruit drink;
  • for dinner, bake a fish, vegetable salad, tomato juice.

On Friday:

  • for breakfast, scrambled eggs in milk of 2-3 eggs, tea, dried fruits;
  • before dinner: a glass of yogurt;
  • during lunch, chicken broth, beet or carrot salad, bread with cheese, fruit drink;
  • during dinner, please yourself with a steamed turkey with stewed vegetables, a glass of kefir.

On Saturday:

  • for breakfast, cottage cheese and berries casserole, a glass of tea;
  • the second breakfast consists of a milkshake;
  • dine with meatball soup, salad, cranberry jelly;
  • dinner consists of a piece of boiled beef, beans, compote.

On Sunday:

  • morning cheesecakes with ripe fruits, yogurt;
  • before dinner, a glass of kefir;
  • for Sunday lunch, fish soup, a little stewed cabbage, compote are suitable;
  • for dinner, cook beef meatballs with rice, vegetable salad, tea.

As you can see, we take ordinary products and prepare simple dishes. Take our menu as a basis and start to enjoy changes that you cannot possibly miss. This can tell you many losing weight on this diet, Dr. Gavrilov. Reviews of this method say that there is a result. Try it and you will soon be able to boast of a new body, a new wardrobe, a new beloved and prestigious work, new acquaintances and the strengthening of old ties.

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